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Building a Concrete Stoop

Updated: Feb 29

Providing a safe and functional entrance to your business or home is a necessity. Here are some things to consider about designing and installing a stoop that lasts years.

  1. Footings. Based on the size of the stoop, city codes and climate you're in will dictate the number, depth and type of footings needed.

  2. Riser height. City codes will dictate the height range of steps. Depending upon the bottom elevation and door threshold this amount needs to be evenly distributed to prevent a trip hazard.

  3. Width. There's a functionality and a visual impact with how wide a stoop should be. Consideration of how frequent the entrance is used, the volume of people and other usage desirables (i.e. flower pots) will help define the right size.

Concrete Stoop (Residential Front Entrance)

4. Landing. Ideally having a safe place to stand when opening a door is desirable. Occasionally based on other structures, usage needs of surrounding areas as well as personal preferences may dictate otherwise.

In this photo the homeowner opted to not have the stoop designed to access from the side and with the driveway near to the stoop it didn't allow a longer stoop.

Small Stoop/Steps (Residential Side Door)

5. Permits. Generally all cities will require a permit so that the design and construction of your stoop is done properly.

6. Railings. If the height of the stoop is beyond 3 steps, most likely city code will have you install a railing. This is another safe addition for yourself and guests to your home as well. Railings can be metal, wood or a great way for reuse materials!

7. Aesthetic elaborations. If you want to make more of a statement with your stoop there's a wealth of options! Stone, brick or tile can be overlayed onto a concrete stoop or merely going with an integrated color, an exposed aggregate or surface stain.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Sidewalk and Front Stoop

Enjoy making your own Red Carpet experience and feel free to reach out to us to assist you in designing and installing your own project! or by email

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