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Earth Wizards

Earth Wizards started business in March 2000. The owner, Stacy Anderson, grew up working in all aspects of a family asphalt business: installation, estimating, bidding, and management. When starting Earth Wizards, her passion for clean water inspired her to offer customers ways to treat stormwater runoff. Driveways, parking lots and roadways are necessary and depending upon our customer's goals, site considerations, budgets and aesthetics we area able to recommend the best opitons. Over the past 20+ years, the entire Earth Wizards team has become quite good at knowing what works and what doesn’t.

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Earth Wizards Focuses on “Green”

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Balancing Development with Green Outcomes

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Driveway Information Sheet

Earth-Friendly Driveway Information Sheet

With family members and key staff we take great pride in the 20+ years in this industry and are always looking to get better. We have three generations of paving craftspeople and have just embraced the idea that it’s in our blood. We enjoy what we do, we love the people we get to work with and we feel honored to be trusted by our customer’s to be at their homes and businesses to get things done right, on time and on budget.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and feel free to reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you!

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Meet the Team


Stacy Anderson


Stacy grew up working on the installation crews in her family’s asphalt business all over the Twin Cities. After college, she became involved with the Minnesota Erosion Control Association and other organizations concerned with stormwater BMPs, she decided to do things a little differently in the paving world. Her non-working passion is rowing and coaching our team and others with everything health-related.


Jeff Anderson


Jeff oversees our paving projects and supervises crews to ensure every project is done to its particular specifications. He’s always noticing the little things that end up making a project great, rather than just good. Despite a busy construction season he continues to play racquetball and is involved with State and World racquetball tournaments. If you’ve longed to pick up the sport or to be an avid fan, talk to Jeff.


Shelly Skow


Shelly was one of our customers from way back and has been with Earth Wizards since 2004. Originally from Wisconsin, she maintains her loyalty to her beloved Green Bay Packers. We are proud of how dearly she is loved by our customers; it’s typical that our customers give rave reviews about her genuineness, attentiveness and care.


Derek Anderson


Derek’s wittiness keeps us and our customer’s entertained. He handles estimating, scheduling, crew oversight, equipment operating as well as working on the crew. He continues to grow within the company with his skillsets and multiple talents; well-appreciated in a small family business! He enjoys life outside of work and his dog Jax that always is doing something silly.


Liam Nelson


Liam has a passion for concrete. We’re not sure why but he loves perfecting all the nuances that come with concrete. Not only does he operate the skidloaders with ease but he can back up a truck into the tightest of spots. He’s a proud father of three active young kids, enjoys lifting weights and takes great pride in all the Minnesota sport teams.

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson


Gary has been in the asphalt world for 50+ years with a diverse background in both small and large-scale paving projects. He is our construction and life guru in many respects. You may see him meandering around your project, even when the crews aren’t onsite, contemplating and problem-solving. When he’s not thinking about construction (which is most of the time), you may see him working on a crossword or reading a book.

The Turtle

We don’t win the business race in our industry; instead we feel like our consistent hard working ethos, our genuine nature and concern for the earth is well-represented by the turtle.


Start to finish, our project with Earth Wizards felt like a family event. Enthusiastic, hard-working and just plain fun! Our new garden is a pleasure for us and for the neighborhood. Thanks to all of the Earth Wizards.

Katheryn N.

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Earth Wizards was very responsive to our inquiry and arrived as scheduled for our estimate. We were given helpful information and hints that other companies would not provide to us. We were impressed with their competency and advice. The work crew did an excellent job and were very professional. Surely, one cannot ask for more.

Michael H.

Great, pleasant team of professionals. The job went flawlessly...on-time and on-budget. With Earth Wizards, we feel that we were very lucky, and that they did more than we expected. These guys do it all...and well. I trust them.

Dave L.

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