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Asphalt Parking Lot with Turfstone Pavers

Parking Lots

Low Impact Development Parking Lot Project for Townhome Association

LID Parking Lots


Does your driveway need help?

Whether your driveway is needing a minor repair or you’re considering redoing your driveway altogether, we’d love to hear about it! Our driveway consultants are ready to listen and help you determine which driveway material(s) make the most sense for you. With our straight-forward approach you can feel assured that we are recommending the absolute best course of action.   Give us a call today! 



Considering a more Earth-friendly driveway?

If you are interested in discussing how you can make your driveway earth-friendly don’t hesitate to ask! We have been incorporating these strategies for over 20 years and are well-versed in what approach is most suitable for your property, budget and maintenance considerations. 

concrete runners permeable pavement

Parking Lots

We have the equipment, crew and most importantly, the knowledge and expertise to get things done right.

Our crews manage all aspects of construction: tear outs, excavation, basing, grading, curbing and paving. Our paving consultants will determine what makes the most sense for your project after understanding your objectives and will provide you with sensible options. And the installation crews, with years of experience, will impress you with their professionalism and abilities. Contact us today!

Asphalt strip in a commercial truck dock lot

General Contractor Advanced Building Corporation hired us to do a multitude of various work: excavation, demo, large-scale asphalt repair, concrete flatwork, concrete curbing and erosion/sediment control. We worked with K&M's operations so that their business was able to be fully operational during construction.

K&M Tire Asphalt Repair, Concrete and Curbing
Beltmann Group
5 Acre Parking Lot Reconstruction

Due to unstable soils as a trucking/storage facility, the parking lot necessitated reclaiming of the pavement and a redesign of material depths. Using geotextiles to help reinforce the area helped minimize costs in lieu of additional excavation and material depths. Their business operates 24 hours a day, 7 days and week; therefore, it was important to minimize disruption.  We developed a plan to phase the work around the site’s busiest times and areas.

Sunset Cemetary
6 Acres of Roadway Reconstruction

The cemetery roadways entailed a major reconstruction with stormsewer catchbasin repairs and deteriorated clay piping. Based on varying conditions of pavements, some roadways were reclaimed and others resurfaced. Just in time for Memorial Day.

Parking Lots

Low-Impact Development and Parking Lots

Rethinking The Parking Lot

As a company that designs and installs both paving and ecological landscaping projects, we make use of conventional methods and, whenever possible, alternative techniques that mitigate stormwater runoff.  We have a passion for protecting one of our greatest resources, water, and thoughtful construction is a big part of this goal.

Parkway Place
Townhome Complex Celebrating and Interactive with Rainwater

This townhome association was planning on redoing the roadway and driveways and wanted to consider an earth-friendly approach. Once a very commercial feeling with no gathering spaces the site was redesigned for narrower roadways, permeable parking areas, several raingardens, curbing and a wonderful communal gathering space.

100 Car Parking Lot Redesign

​​Altering the grades of the parking lot for stormwater treatment provides a unique look to what had been another big, expansive lot of asphalt. These four planters are positioned along the center of the lot to receive all the parking lot runoff. The water then filters through well-draining soils and native plants before overflowing into a suspended draintile that is connected to the city catch basin. ​

Winner of the 2016 City of Shoreview Green Community Award

Church Bioretention Facility
Church Parking Lot Rethink

Despite poor subsoils and high water table, this originally large unattractive parking lot that now welcomes members and guests. Filtering stormwater through well-designed practices makes this site functional and aesthetically beneficial.

Building redesign where the concrete and asphalt were both replaced. Along with a poured concrete wall.
Woodworking Coop

Coop members redesigned the building and decided to continue the light footprint to the outer palette. An asphalt parking lot, structural concrete poured wall, turfstone pavers, cistern and a raingarden compliment the site beautifully.


Asphalt Gallery

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