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  • Stacy Anderson

How brick and stone can update your home or business setting

Updated: Feb 2

Looking to update the appearance of your home or business? Brick and stone brings Earth into your space. And depending upon the style of your home or business it becomes the accent to finish it right. It's the frosting on the cake.

A fresh touch to a fireplace especially for the winter season ahead can make those cold wintry days extra cozy and luxurious. Or maybe it's a wall accent or exterior facade to get some attention and welcomeness. And a little exterior facade rejuvenation? A much less expensive way to upgrade the exterior your property.

Some considerations to start the process:

  1. Understand the cost. There's always a balance with budget, aesthetic and function. Having a budget first allows you to figure out how to sort through the other aspects of your project. If you plan on doing the project yourself make sure you understand thoroughly the steps involved. Otherwise if you're working with a contractor, get a ballpark number or two to start the conversation. Of course do your research so who you are considering is properly skilled and carries proper insurance (workmen's comp, general liability) and what other values the company has that match your own.

  2. Know the timeline. Whether you're tackling things on your own or working with a contractor, layout what to expect and determine how and when the work is appropriate.

  3. Design Time! This is where the fun happens. Perusing a stone or brick wholesaler showroom is one of the best resources as is Pinterest, Houzz and perusing the world around you for ideas. Having some photos to work with is a great start when you get into selection. A designer or your contractor may also provide guidance with what is right for how you want the space to feel and making it a good fit for you.

  4. Selections.

    • Stone - natural or manufactured where options abound with thin veneers, full-bed veneers, ledge stone, “prostack" (no mortared joint), fieldstone or flagstone looks.

    • Brick - clay or concrete with plenty color choices and size selections.

5. Surface accoutrements? You could consider a white wash on brick - the schmear look is a way of aging, antiquing or creating that rustic look or industrial feel. The decor around the stone will help define. And whether you're going for industrial or old cabin, there are options. With brick you can choose various mortared joint designs whether color or depth. A typical joint is termed "cove" and is what you most commonly see. A "rake" joint is an altered depth that can vary to create an aged look.

6. It's Build Time!

Stay tuned for more on this topic and get cozy!

-The Earth Wizards' Team

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